The Volunteers

During the research for 'Ours: The Jersey Pals in the First World War, the names of 326 men who volunteered and were accepted into the Jersey Company between December 1914 and the end of 1915. These names, together with brief details on each man, are shown in Appendix A of the book.

While in many cases, further information of each man was uncovered, for some of the men information on their identity, background and fate remained questionable. .

One of the key purposes of this website is to present the detailed information known on each man, together with a photo wherever possible. Also included are burial or commemoration details where appropriate.

The benifit of including these details on a website rather than a book is that details can be updated, changed and expanded as furher information becomes available. WIth this in mind, the author would welcome any comments, contributions and corrections. To get in touch email directly or use the contact form of this website. .



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About the Records The information on each of the volunteers is drawn from a number of sources. Most notable are: Jersey Contingent Book of Rememberence (Grouville Church) Evening Post & Morning News (Jersey Library) Census Information (National Archive) Medal Rolls Index Cards (National Archive) Military Service & Pension Records (National Archive) Company Roll Book (Jersey Archive) Note that wherever possible, the volunteer's family address is that contained in the 1901 Census, his age is that attained during 1915 and his rank is that attained by the end of 1915.










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